Medi-roller PRO


SKU : TMR6205



Lightweight sliding board for lateral patient transfer

   The most common and costly injuries to health and care workers are by far the spine. 80% of these injuries are due to the completion of frequent trunk tilting / torsion and awkward postures, such as lifting a patient to move it. Medi-rollerPRO is designed to prevent the overexertion and allows the patient to move laterally without lifting and little force, being both comfortable and safe for the patient.

   Medi-rollerPRO consists of a compact paded, lightweight and highly resistant core, which surface has a SUPERSLIDE finish to reduce friction with the tubular sleeve. The tubular sleeve is waterproof, easy to sanitize, soft touch on the outside and inside slippery surface which allows sliding of the board without great effort. Also available disposable sleeve.

A great aid for healthcare professionals

   The transfer board Medi-rollerPRO help caregivers work in a safe and ergonomic way, simplifying the task of moving the patient without lifting and avoiding overexertion and forced postures that may cause injury.
Safety and comfort for the patient
   Transferring a patient with Medi-rollerPRO requires less repositioning, thus avoiding risk of injury. Furthermore, as always remain horizontally transfer movement is more comfortable and secure.
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